Get Active Directory Password Change Dates – 60 second solutions

Here’s another very useful script which simply lists all of your users in Active Directory, sorted by when their passwords were last changed. Great for checking if your password policies are actually being enforced… Import-Module ActiveDirectory #This may be done automatically when issuing the next line Get-ADUser –Filter * -Properties PasswordLastSet, PasswordNeverExpires | Sort PasswordLastSet […]

Exchange Online and Hybrid Exchange Auditing Configurations

Exchange is a very powerful piece of software. Unfortunately, misconfigurations, shared mailbox access, rogue admins and more can allow sensitive data to be viewed or deleted. I experienced this a few weeks ago where a member of a shared mailbox was deleting emails that needed dealing with! Let’s have a look at how to track […]

Find Hyper-V Virtual Machine by MAC Address – 60 Second Solutions

Today I had to try and find a virtual machine given its MAC address on a non-clustered Hyper-V environment. Here’s a quick PowerShell script to do just that! import-module hyper-v $Servers = @(“server1”,“server2”,“etc”) $results = @() foreach ($hvs in $Servers) { Get-VM –Computername $hvs | Get-VMNetworkAdapter | select VMName, MACAddress ,ComputerName | foreach-object { $out […]

Installing an Android Emulator on Windows with Google Play

Recently I was in a situation where I needed to demonstrate an Android App to a client, but didn’t have an Android device with me. I did however, have a Windows tablet with an internet connection to my development machine which does have an Android device, albeit a virtual one! Here’s how I set it […]

Using Shadow Copies on Windows Server (and Desktop)

Shadow Copies can be a lifesaver – when used correctly. They are not a replacement for backups, but can sometimes stop you reaching for that backup tape stored in the depths of the IT office (yes, in that cupboard!). I recently had a user who managed to delete an entire folder from a shared area […]