Get Active Directory Password Change Dates – 60 second solutions

Here’s another very useful script which simply lists all of your users in Active Directory, sorted by when their passwords were last changed. Great for checking if your password policies are actually being enforced… Import-Module ActiveDirectory #This may be done automatically when issuing the next line Get-ADUser –Filter * -Properties PasswordLastSet, PasswordNeverExpires | Sort PasswordLastSet […]

Exchange Online and Hybrid Exchange Auditing Configurations

Exchange is a very powerful piece of software. Unfortunately, misconfigurations, shared mailbox access, rogue admins and more can allow sensitive data to be viewed or deleted. I experienced this a few weeks ago where a member of a shared mailbox was deleting emails that needed dealing with! Let’s have a look at how to track […]

The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed

From time to time in a domain scenario you may come across the following error message on client computers: The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed. This is because the computer’s password stored in Active Directory, and the computer’s password it thinks it has are different. This usually happens as a […]

Technical Stuff – SYSVol DFS Replication Annoyances

So today I just happened to notice that one of our DCs at work didn’t have the latest version of a GPO. I was creating a new policy using Group Policy Preferences (amazing bit of kit btw – have a look at Alan Burchill’s how to get rid of your logon scripts video here:, […]