Find Hyper-V Virtual Machine by MAC Address – 60 Second Solutions

Today I had to try and find a virtual machine given its MAC address on a non-clustered Hyper-V environment. Here’s a quick PowerShell script to do just that! import-module hyper-v $Servers = @(“server1”,“server2”,“etc”) $results = @() foreach ($hvs in $Servers) { Get-VM –Computername $hvs | Get-VMNetworkAdapter | select VMName, MACAddress ,ComputerName | foreach-object { $out […]

(System Center) Virtual Machine Manager 2012, Hyper-V, SMB shares

Ever seen this in System Center Virtual Machine Manager? Computername, Unsupported Cluster Configuration, Host Normally, it’s down to something silly like someone forgot to detach an ISO image from the CD drive when they were finished using it, but today I came across it in a different context. Server 2012 includes Hyper-V 3, which supports […]