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Hey, I’m Matt! I like anything and everything to do with technology.. I’m employed full time as a Network Manager in a UK School. In my spare time I design websites. In my other spare time I write software.

  • Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguable from magic.
  • “You have ten fingers? Heeey.. I have ten fingers too! We should totally be friends!”
  • C++ programmers have it too easy. Why, in C we had to code our own bugs. C++ programmers just inherit them!

Review of Matt Hopton

So just who is “Matt Hopton”, and why are we reviewing him? Well it turns out that this guy is pretty important; professionally he is a technological guru with a passion for learning new tricks and tips in the networking and software/web development niches.

His primary work involves the management and networking of some 2000-odd users in an education environment. Going above and beyond this function, Matt is responsible for multiple time and cost saving software packages written specifically for the school’s needs and infrastructure.

As if the additional software packages weren’t enough on top of the networking maintenance duties, Matt has his own personal business to keep him occupied in the evenings – this primarily involves developing and hosting websites for local companies, but also includes hardware recommendations, PC repair call outs, PC software advice, video filming and processing, and software projects. Always keeping up to date, Matt will frequently look out for new techniques and practices to apply to his complex websites; almost all of the newer websites are reactive to screen size.

Matt also teaches when necessary – he a well-liked IT teacher in his school, and adults also find him to be patient and good at explaining difficult topics. Matt will often go out of his way to explain a concept to someone in terms they understand.

In his home life, Matt has a girlfriend to entertain. Matt’s girlfriend describes him as “the greatest person to be with … he is lovely and caring, and always manages to find time for me”.

– Anonymous Reviewer

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  • Anastasia Reply

    Hi Matt,
    I’m running Netwrix corporate IT blog. I’d like to offer you colaboration as your blog posts are fantastic.
    Please contact me via email when you have time.

    THank you!

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