Holiday Season 2015 – UK Laptop Top 10 Christmas Wishlist

Around this time of year, I often get asked which laptops I recommend people buy for their kids (or themselves!)

After some extensive research, here is my top 10! The criteria here was must have a DVD drive, not for gaming, fairly quick and look nice.

Screen CPU RAM Disk Price Link
15 i3 4g 1.9 4 500gb 360
15 i5 4g 1.7 4 750gb 387
15 i5 5g 2.2 4 1tb 430
15 i7 5g 2.3 4 500gb 480
15 i5 5g 2.2 8 500gb 355
17 i5 4g 1.7 8 1tb hybrid 460
15 i5 5g 2.2 8 2tb 430
15 i3 5g 2.0 8 1tb 350
15 i3 5g 2.1 8 1tb 380
15 i5 5g 2.2 8 1tb 399

I would personally go for one of the last 3 – the last (acer) is the best performing one. They will all have the free upgrade to Windows 10 – so don’t base a decision on this, it really is which one you like the look of best.

Whichever one you go for; I would highly recommend replacing the hard drive with a solid state drive. This will make them so, so much quicker. You will need to take this to a “computer person” in order for them to install, unless you are comfortable about reinstalling Windows yourself.

and buying an external drive holder for the drive that comes out of the laptop. (So it can be used to back data up).

You may also want to buy a year of Office 365 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc). This is a yearly cost, but includes Office for up to 5 computers.

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