Fun with Open DNS Resolvers (DDoS Amplification Attack)

I recently took on a new client who was having problems with a server on their site. They have a 1gbps dedicated connection to the Internet that was being saturated by an incoming DDoS attack. Opening Resource Monitor on their gateway yielded some interesting results – there were thousands of DNS queries being performed per […]

Technical Stuff – SYSVol DFS Replication Annoyances

So today I just happened to notice that one of our DCs at work didn’t have the latest version of a GPO. I was creating a new policy using Group Policy Preferences (amazing bit of kit btw – have a look at Alan Burchill’s how to get rid of your logon scripts video here:, […]

Technical Stuff – Windows 8 Console Lock Timeout

Windows 8 has a fantastic lock screen that displays the time and a picture of your choosing. That is until 60 seconds are up, and Microsoft decided that this would be a great time to turn the screen off, especially when there’s already a setting that does something similar in power options.